We are so glad you joined us!
We want you to stay!

New Resident Resources
and “Ranger by Choice” Gatherings

If you are new to the Range, welcome! Like any rural place, we have our own distinct culture, climate and practices.

Like every place, we have a variety of introverts and extroverts–people who are more quiet and those who are more gregarious. With a large ethnic heritage of stoic Finnish Americans and Slavs, some of us are more reserved upon first meeting–but that doesn’t mean folks are not glad you are here!

Before my first trip to Paris, France, a colleague told me to prepare: the French were unfriendly. I still remember going into a flower shop on the Rue Cler to buy a bouquet of flowers. We were greeted, perhaps coolly, but then as the shopkeepers and I began choosing flowers, we began to chat. By the time I left the shop, we were all smiling. I thought, the French aren’t unfriendly! Just reserved–kind of like home!

Thinking seasonally, summer is our easiest season: there is no snow to remove, extra clothing to layer, or tires to change (yes–many of us change the tires on our cars to snow tires for the snowy months). Then again, winter offers a wonderful respite from bugs. And cold winter air is truly cleansing.

We recognize that when folks move to a new town, they need an ear, a helping hand. That’s what Hello Range! is here to provide. We welcome your questions via email. Or you can join us at one of monthly “Ranger by Choice” meetings, the first Thursday of the month, spread across the Range at our local restaurants.





  • Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
  • Iron Range Tourism Bureau
  • L&M Radiator
  • Department of Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation