Iron Range Values

Values are what we think are important in life. Examples include, “honesty,” “dependability,” “family,” and “respect.” (There are MANY! Google “values list” and look at some examples if you need more ideas).

When I think about the people living here on the Iron Range, I see shared values. Rangers are a certain type. We have to be given the changeable climate, rural surroundings, and relative lack of “big city” amenities. I’m biased, but I think Rangers are some of the best people.

So, at Hello Range, we would like to know. If you were to pick one, what is a core value all Iron Rangers share?

Take our one question survey:

Results will be posted!

  • Essentia Health Jobs
  • Iron Range Tourism Bureau
  • City of Hibbing
  • East Range Joint Powers Board
  • Department of Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation
  • L&M Radiator