See how Daniel blazed new trails

Mesabi Outdoor Adventures has been an exciting addition to my life since moving to the Iron Range last year. The organization has connected me to so many unique and amazing people, and has given me numerous opportunities to embrace the outdoors through the advent of scheduled weekly events as well as the occurrence of special experiences and spontaneous get-togethers that pop up periodically throughout the year.

From one angle, Mesabi Outdoor Adventures (MOA) has the power to spend the money right out of your wallet, as I went from 0 bikes to 3 bikes within about 6 months. Though, from a more serious angle, MOA aims to make getting outdoors accessible to as many people in the Iron Range communities as possible. The organization has a number of high quality kayaks, bikes, and other recreation equipment available to be borrowed at its numerous calendar events. This alone speaks to the welcoming environment MOA strives for.

Within minutes of my first bike ride with the organization, I met more people than I can count on one hand, and I can now call this handful of people my friends, as well as many more that I have met in the time since that first experience. This organization brings together people from many different walks of life to explore the beauty and excitement of the vast and diverse outdoors here in Northern Minnesota. I am truly grateful for the opportunities and friendships Mesabi Outdoor Adventures has given me, and I hope that many others will also discover the joy that this organization brings to our area. As for the 3 bikes and the empty wallet, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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  • East Range Joint Powers Board
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